20 Tips For Writing An Amazing Blog Post

Want to get 20 tips for writing an amazing blog post? Writing a compelling blog post is not as easy as it seems.

It takes effort and dedication to write something that will make your readers want to come back for more.

But, by following some simple steps, you can be well on your way to writing a great blog post!

In this article we will provide 20 helpful tips for creating an engaging and captivating blog post while also answering popular questions like how to find guest post opportunities.

20 Tips For Writing An Amazing Blog Post

20 Tips For Writing An Amazing Blog Post

So, without further ado, let’s check out the, 20 tips For writing an amazing blog post.

Make Sure You Are Not Repeating Any Information Within The Blog Post

This is to avoid readers from getting bored and losing interest as well as making it easier for them to read through rather than having multiple points that all say the same thing. This will also help make sure there aren’t a lot of filler words or phrases, which can be used sparingly in content but should only ever be used when they’re needed otherwise people might get confused about what exactly you were trying to convey with your message overall.

Use Headings To Break Up Your Text And Be More Organized

This will help with the flow of reading from one point to another which can get confusing if they’re all lumped together in one long paragraph as well as making it easier for readers who are skimming through articles looking for a specific topic or piece of advice because these points will go by much faster without having to read everything word for word.

Embrace Your Thoughts Instead Of Trying To Sound Like Someone Else

It’s important not to be afraid of using humor, sarcasm, or having an opinion even if you happen across any negative feedback while doing so because no one wants their content read by someone who feels less than enthusiastic about what they have just read.

Have A Content Calendar With Few Weeks Worth Of Posts Prepared At All Times

This will help make sure that there are always new articles being written and published on the regular so people don’t get bored or feel like they’re reading old information; this is also helpful because bloggers can plan ahead in advance which can then lead to consistency when it comes to posting frequency as well!

Keep Your Tone Friendly And Conversational

This will help make the reader feel more like they are having a one on one conversation with you rather than reading something that feels too formal or stiff, which can be off-putting for many people who visit blogs as an escape from their day to day life. And finally it’s important not to speak down to anyone by being overly wordy; this is because nobody likes feeling condescended towards in any type of setting so don’t do it here either…instead use short sentences and paragraphs which will keep readers engaged without making them want to leave right away.

Keep Up With What Others Have Written About On Social Media Posts

This will help keep track of trends that other bloggers write about at the moment (and vice versa) which can then be used if needed while crafting out articles later down the line…it never hurts to stay on top of things!

Write With The Audience In Mind

Writing for the general public is key and it’s a great way to be able to reach people of all different levels, backgrounds, and interests; this makes sense because who doesn’t want their content read by as many eyeballs as possible? This may sound like common knowledge but it can sometimes get lost when writing without any specific person or group in mind – so make sure you are putting your reader first!

Prioritize What Your Post Is About In Order To Help Readers Identify It As Well

If you’re writing an article on how to meditate and have been talking about tips on how to do so, make that clear up front by using “How To Meditate” or something along those lines in the title of the blog post. This way readers can glance at the tagline before deciding whether they want to keep reading through all of your helpful advice; this will also be great news if someone happens upon it later down the line because having that knowledge upfront will allow them to click over without any further hesitation.

Use Numbers When Writing Anything Really Especially If There Are Many Tips Being Given

Bullet points make things easier not only for those reading but also for yourself while typing out each point onto the computer screen; this is a helpful trick that anyone can use anytime they need to write a list, not just content for the blog.

Create Social Media Posts, Videos Or Graphics To Go Along With Your Blog Post

This will help drive more traffic and engagement on social platforms which can then be used as an added boost for the overall visibility of your content (plus it’s a great way to reach people you wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with). It’s never too early to start thinking about what might work best in terms of visuals because these don’t take much time at all!

Be Careful With Pronouns

Pronoun usage in detail is a great way to avoid confusion but it’s always key to make sure the right pronoun (he, she, they) is being used when writing articles that contain multiple people or topics which are not as easily identifiable from just one point of view.

Be Mindful About Images

Be mindful about your use of images, because there needs to be some type of balance between them and what you have written so far in order for the article to retain its focus on both elements equally; otherwise readers will have no choice but to get distracted by all the pictures instead…which defeats the purpose entirely.

Keep Your Language Simple

Make sure there are no big words or complicated sentence structures within what is being written so far as this will only confuse people who are reading it (and lose interest). When writing anything really simplicity goes a long way towards getting your point across effectively without any confusion on behalf of the reader. Simple sentences work best with short paragraphs; these two components together create an smooth flow while also keeping things well-organized at all times, making for an enjoyable reading experience.

This is key because linking out helps people find other pieces of content which may be helpful and relevant to them based on what was just written. Links help readers to explore more of the blog, finding new content and topics that they may not have come across otherwise which in turn makes for better engagement. People appreciate when you offer them choices because it’s a helpful way to make their lives easier!

Write About Something That You Know Well

But also make sure it’s an area of interest or expertise for your readers as well so that they can feel like their needs are being met in a way by someone who knows what they’re talking about! Focusing on one topic will allow you to create more depth and nuance within the article, no need to spread yourself too thin with topics when all the information is right there, waiting for someone eager enough to read through it all.

Be Honest About Your Goals, Motives And Intentions

In other words, be transparent! What are you trying to say? Why did you write it? What do you want people who read this article to take away from what they have just read? And if there are any conflicts of interest then make sure those are accounted for as well so that readers know where their opinion stands on these topics. Honesty is key when making an attempt at being genuine and authentic which will ultimately resonate more deeply with your audience than anything else would (as long as it’s done respectfully).

Reach Out And Connect With Other Bloggers

Commenting on someone’s blog post is a great way of saying thank you for the content they have written but also an opportunity to engage in conversation and dialogue about what has been shared so far. This can be done through Facebook comments as well as Google+ ones too use your discretion when deciding which platform would work best for this purpose!

Email wise it might make sense if you know each other well enough that there will be some type of response due to the personal nature of this medium. And finally, speaking over the phone may not always be possible but it’s always a great way to follow up with someone because of the personal touch it has.

Use Short Paragraphs To Keep Your Blog Post Easy To Read And Digestible

Breaking up a long paragraph into several shorter ones will help readers scan through the content more easily while also making it easier on their eyes (less scrolling). Also make sure you have white space around the text for legibility purposes.

The spacing between sentences should be about three times or so than the size of one sentence that way they are spaced out from each other with breathing room in-between them! Remember when writing a blog break though not to add too many breaks throughout an article because then it may seem like something is missing or incomplete, which can cause confusion in itself if you are trying to convey something.

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Write Compelling Headlines And Sub Headings

What grabs someone’s attention? What are they going to be curious enough about to click on? A headline should do just that make them interested enough in reading further into the article so that they can satisfy their curiosity. Make sure each sentence has a clear beginning, middle, and end.

Create A Call To Action At The End Of Your Blog Post

A call-to-action is anything that prompts readers to take an action, like signing up for your newsletter or purchasing one of your products. If you want people to read more about what you have written in this blog post then leave the URL with all its information as well as any other contact details here!


I hope you found out the “20 tips For writing an amazing blog post” of some assistance.

It’s never too late to start thinking about what might work best in terms of visuals because these don’t take much time at all!

This way, no matter where people find themselves browsing on the site (on their phone while waiting for a meeting or on their lunch break at work) they will have something new to look at that is guaranteed not to bore them.

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