5 Best Author Box Plugin For WordPress Site

Don’t know what the 5 Best Author Box Plugin For WordPress Site are? There is no need to worry, you have come to the right place for the answer.

With Blogging, Editing and Writing industry experiencing a boom, a website is not only popular merely because of its content but also due to the authors they have been hosting.

This is one reason why Guest Posting practices and Co-Author sites are becoming more popular in recent times.

Readers now show more loyalty to authors whether political, tutor, environmentalist, developer, traveler than the website.

An author’s approach and appeal to the audiences are additional benefit to the website.

The whole affiliate market works on following, trust and credibility. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to mention the details of Authors.

Well, does that mean you have to sit and make a coded HTML block? A simple answer – NO!

Technology has made our lives easier and it did not step back from taking care of this small but important need of blogging industry.

This article will talk about some easy to use Author Box plugins, which are easy to install and activate. No need for glitchy codes or integration commotion.

What is Author Box?

Author Box is a UI component, mostly inserted at the end of the post. It contains picture of the author, name of the author, a short bio, social media icons, archives of author etc. Generally, they can be coded as an HTML component but in modern times, developers prefer using Plugins.

These plugins are easy-to use, properly tested with newest versions, compatible with platforms like WordPress and integrates seamlessly. The plugins just use some form like structured setting pages, which lets you easily mark your preferences.

They give you a wide control over the look and appearance of the box, its contents, who can use it and who cannot and where they would be appearing on the post. It offers a great deal of colors, themes and templates to choose from and can fit on the site using widgets and shortcodes. Using the plugin, even non-techies can put author boxes on their website.

Plugins have added a great sense of empowerment in people who aren’t technically strong but can take their online businesses to great heights. This has increased the number of people turning to online businesses.

5 Best Author Box Plugin For WordPress Site

5 Best Author Box Plugin For WordPress Site

Today, we are going to take a look at 5 Best Author Box WordPress Plugins.

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box Pro

Simple Author Box is the easiest plugin, which integrates easily with a WordPress site.

Using this plugin, you can add Author’s Bio to their post on your site.

It provides options with vivid color settings and social media buttons, which can be linked to author’s profile.

It is a responsive box, hence it will automatically detect the device type and adjust to screen size.

Features of Simple Author Box :

  • It displays author’s gravatar, name, website, a short bio and social media icons.
  • Can easily be inserted at the end of the post.
  • Innumerable fonts and styles.
  • A large number of colors to give you full control of the author box’s look.
  • Customer Support, to answer all your questions.

The premium version includes far great deals:

  • Guest Author Box – It provides you with a facility to assign an Author Box even to Contributors.
  • Multiple Authors – If your site hosts multiple authors, Simple Author Box makes it easier for the admin to assign a personalized box to everyone.
  • Link Control – Using this feature, author’s profile can be opened in new tab.
  • Widgets – It helps you pin up your most famous authors on the top of your site (or any other position).
  • Post Type Support – You can easily choose a post type where you want to appear the author’s box.

Fanciest Author Box

Fanciest Author Box

It is a premium plugin, which adds rich features to an author’s box. It is WordPress friendly and integrates smoothly with WordPress.

Three features – Widgets, Shortcode and Template Tags are used to place Author Box anywhere on the site (not necessarily at the end of the post and It can benefit you in multiple ways, since readers can scroll on your author’s directory easily.

Features of Fanciest Author Box:

  • Bio Tab
  • Custom HTML Tab
  • Twitter Bio – which also shows the latest tweets by the author.
  • Facebook – displaying the likes and follows.
  • YouTube – with a subscribe widget.
  • Pinterest
  • Latest Posts – showing author’s recent posts.
  • Retina Ready
  • Lazy Load – improves loading speed
  • Translation Ready

This plugin will cost you nearly $17.

Meks Smart Author Box

Meks Smart Author Box

It also adds an author bio box but one of the unique features of this plug-in is, it automatically detects the author of the post and makes itself appear on the post and it also fit itself into the page according to the theme of your website.

It will also let you put a cap on word limit in author’s bio.

Features of Meks Smart Author Box:

  • Display options aren’t too rigid. They provide great level of flexibility.
  • It customs the avatar size to fit in properly.
  • Provides link to Author’s archives.
  • Auto-detects the Authors

It is a treat for multi-author blogs, as it has great performance, automated features and is completely free. It provides hassle-free and less time-consuming experience for non-technical people.

Starbox Author Box

Starbox Author Box

Rated as the most beautiful author box, its sole purpose is to highlight authors. Labelled as “Human Box”, it provides a lot of control to admins as well as authors.

Admin can personalize different boxes for different authors, according to their likeliness, they can also disable the box for certain authors.

In fact, the control can be transferred to authors, to personalize the box according to their needs and understanding.

As has been claimed, it is made for humans, special care has been taken into providing a less complicated set up menu.

It is made more understandable which makes perfect sense for non-techies.

Features of Starbox Author Box

  • Google Authorship
  • Easy Customization for all Authors
  • Google Micro-formats for Rich Snippets
  • Links to Social Media profile
  • Links to Author’s archives
  • Can be added using shortcodes

The premium pack is available for $30.

Ultimate Author Box

Ultimate Author Box

It is a premium author box plugin, completely compatible with WordPress. This box comes with more than 19 pre-built templates, from basic to fancy designs. It adds a great deal of dynamism in author’s box by providing features like pop-up boxes.

It can be inserted using shortcodes and widgets at any position in the post.

Features of Ultimate Author Box

  • LinkedIn profile Integration
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Company’s Description tabs
  • Custom Tabs
  • Guest Author Boxes
  • Pop-up display for Author’s description
  • Admin can control Role Restriction of Authors
  • Auto-detect Authors
  • Provides widgets with slider, grid and list view
  • Customization Color Schemes

It will cost you $17.


An author’s recommendation is a hallmark for readers and buyers of the products’ quality. The profession and archives of an author also matters most to audiences. If a Digital Marketing professional is recommending a hosting platform, audiences will put more credibility in him rather than a Travel Blogger pouring his experiences with 2-3 hosting sites.

Author Box is not a wasted investment. If used strategically and dexterously, it can add value to your content.

Author brands the content. With a great Author following, you can boom the traffic on your website. Loyal readers of the authors are making the greatest of the sales in affiliate market today.

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