5 Best WooCommerce Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

Do you know what the 5 best WooCommerce page builder plugins for WordPress are? After you read this article. you will know all about it.

WooCommerce page builder allows you to customize the WooCommerce components by creating custom templates. You can create a custom Shop Page, Single Product Page, Cart Page, Success Page etc.

In 21st century, it’s easy to become a business person and selling your product to a larger set of buyers than your own city people.

Home grown brands are thriving and locally made product is reaching a person sitting 300 miles away. Services like FedEx has made it very easy to deliver a product made in Mumbai to Rajasthan.

But the real question is, how people got to know about the product, it’s pricing, and its quality?

How were they able to order it from you? Definitely, it’s the e-store that you set up where people are able to browse the catalogue and order from you.

According to a survey by Weebly, 56% of consumers don’t trust a business without a website.

Hence, if you think you’ll be fine selling your product on Instagram, then do give it a second thought.

While people understand the need of a website, there’s a growing misconception that to make a website they need to hire a developer who can code a site for them.

However, this is true if your site has more than 200 products and your vision is to create another Amazon or Flipkart.

But if you are a Home Grown Brand with products less than 200 then its better to develop your own site.

Platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Wix give you a ready to use website, where you just have to buy a domain, a hosting and list your products.

There’s no need to code or get into complex computing tasks.

Plus, there are a lot of blogs and YouTube videos that can give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up website using these platforms.

Why to Choose WordPress over Shopify

You can build an eCommerce website on WordPress in two ways. Either you can buy an e-commerce plan or you can download WooCommerce Plugin. An e-commerce plan on WordPress will cost you Rs. 1450 per month while you can buy a personal plan for Rs. 200 per month or use your current hosting plan, download WooCommerce for free and set up your e-store.

  • WordPress is easier to use and there is lot of content over the internet for a WordPress website than Shopify. So, if you are new to the world of websites, WordPress will keep you sane.
  • WordPress is less expensive than Shopify.
  • WordPress has an ample range of plugins to make your website building experience more seamless and easier.

WooCommerce is a free plugin, which you can easily install on your current hosting without having to buy an e-commerce plan on WordPress.

5 Best WooCommerce Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

5 Best WooCommerce Page Builder Plugins for WordPress

You can custom the components on your site in a variety of ways, depending on what the page builder has to offer.


Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is the most widely used page builder and comes in both free and premium versions. However, WooCommerce functionality is available only on Pro version.

It helps you customize your site. If offers great features like different blocks, forms, social media icons, animation effects, different text styles, text box, editable box and so on.

Elementor’s WooCommerce Builder allows you to create custom templates for Shop Page, Product Archive Page and Single Product Page.

Elementor Pro also provides you access to template functionality. It allows you to design unique shop layouts and set conditions to let the plugin know where to implement it.

It is an easy-to-use plugin, where you just need to drag and drop components on your page. Also. It is compatible with most of the popular themes on WordPress.

Check out the Elementor Free Vs Pro Detailed Review. After reading the review, you will know, which plan to take.

Elements offered by Elementor Pro for giving a customized look to your e-store:

  • Menu Cart
  • Meta
  • Stock
  • Rating
  • Short Description
  • Data Tabs
  • Title
  • Image
  • Price
  • Add to Cart
  • WooCommerce Breadcrumbs
  • Additional Information
  • Product Related
  • Upsells
  • Products
  • Custom Add to Cart
  • WooCommerce Pages

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder Page Builder

Beaver Builder is yet another drag and drop page builder. Compared to basic WordPress Block Editor, it has smoother functionality and wide range.

To make use of WooCommerce functionality, you need to buy the premium version. It allows you to design Single Product Page, Shop Page, Cart Page and Customer Account Page.

To build a store layout, it offers a number of components including slider, buttons, content blocks, accordion, separators, text editors, subscribe forms, pricing tables and so on. Beaver builder even provides you with 30+ templates for landing pages. In addition, it provides you with reusable templates, import/ export feature and an open API.

The elements provided by Beaver Builder to build custom templates:

  • Meta
  • Description
  • Rating
  • Title
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Related Products
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Images
  • Prices
  • Tabs
  • Upsells

Zion Builder

Zion Builder Page Builder

Zion Builder is also freelancer and web agency friendly as you need to purchase it once and can install it on any number of websites.

This Builder allows you to customize the following WooCommerce components: Single Product Page and Product Archive Page.

Zion offers less elements compared to Elementor Pro and Divi Builder but it covers the basic elements needed in an e-commerce website.

List of elements for customizing your e-commerce website:

  • Rating Of Woo Product
  • Price Of Product
  • Image
  • Woo Product Upsell
  • Data Tabs For Woo Product
  • Woo Related Products
  • Stock Of Woo Product
  • Add to Cart
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Product Description
  • Product Meta
  • Woo Loop Add to Cart


JetWooBuilder Page Builder

JetWooBuilder is a WooCommerce add-on to Elementor, i.e. you need to install Elementor first to use JetWooBuilder. Though good news is, you do not need the premium version of Elementor. A free version of Elementor is enough to use JetWooBuilder.

JetWooBuilder allows you to create the custom templates such as Single Product Page, Shop Page Cart Page, Checkout Page, Customer Account Page, Thank You Page and Product Archive Pages.

JetWooBuilder does not have a wide customization element as are offered by page builders like Elementor Pro or Divi Builder.

In addition to Elementor Pro, you can have following elements in JetWooBuilder:

  • Checkout Coupon Form
  • Categories Grid
  • Checkout Order Review
  • Thank You Order
  • Checkout Shipping Form
  • Thank You Order Details
  • Thank You Customer Address Details
  • My Account Registration Form
  • Cart Empty Message


Brizy Page Builder

Brizy too, is available as a free and premium plugin. To access the features for WooCommerce customization, you have to upgrade it to a premium plan.

Brizy offers two added advantages over any other WooCommerce Builder. First, it has a pro plan dedicated to agencies, thus it is way cheaper than Elementor Pro. Second, it offers a white-label feature to allow you to legally rebrand your clients’ site.

Brizy allows you to create custom templates such as Single Product Page, Shop Page, Product Category Page, Product Tag Page and Search Product Page.

It offers the following elements to customize your e-store:

  • Stock Info
  • Add to Cart
  • Title
  • Price
  • Content
  • Meta
  • Ratings
  • Attributes
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Upsells
  • Cart
  • SKU


Though there are lot other page builders, the five listed above are easy to work with and they integrate seamlessly with a large number of themes.

Being a developer myself, I usually prefer working on Elementor as it provides a perfect ecosystem and all modern components. Elementor goes well with all SEO friendly themes and provides lot more animations than any other page builder.

For a newbie, Elementor Pro is the perfect option when it comes to customizing either theme or your e-store.

Bottom Line, choose the page builder that fits perfectly with your requirements. If you are a freelancer, try to take advantage of plugins that can be installed on multiple sites.

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