5 Ways To Write Effective Tagline For Blog

Don’t know the 5 ways to write effective tagline for blog? Need not worry, you have come to the right place for the answer.

Today, I’ll help you in creating a tagline for your blog which is eye-catching and effective on your viewers. I’ll share the best tips to create an effective blog tagline by which your blog can easily be alluring to the audience. You can use a platform like WordPress for starting a blog.

Before knowing how to write an effective blogging tagline let’s understand what tagline basically is,

What Is An Effective Tagline

A tagline is something that describes a particular organization, site or company by containing some phrases and effective words.

Blog Tagline is a tagline that briefs your complete blog in just 3-4 words.

Consider a few example of taglines for famous brands,

  • One Plus has a tagline ‘NEVER ACCEPT LESS THAN THE BEST’
  • Nike has a tagline ‘JUST DO IT’
  • McDonald’s has a tagline ‘I AM LOVING IT’
  • Apple has a tagline ‘THINK DIFFERENT’
  • Wendy’s has a tagline ‘WHERE’S THE BEEF?’
  • M&M’s has a tagline ‘MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH, NOT IN YOUR HANDS’
  • L’Oréal has a tagline ‘BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTH IT’
  • De Beers has a tagline ‘A DIAMOND IS FOREVER’

5 Ways To Write Effective Tagline For Blog

5 Ways To Write Effective Tagline For Blog

Here are the best tips by which you can easily write an effective blogging tagline,

Know the Objective Of Your Blog

You might have heard the phrase, “First impression is the last impression” many times.

Before writing a tagline you must have proper knowledge about what you are representing.

A tagline motivates and attracts the people to come towards you so your thoughts and mindset should be keen and clear about the objective of your blog.

Have In Depth Knowledge About Your Blog

So for having knowledge about your blog, you must have proper knowledge about the content in your blog, because it is going to be the highlighted part of your blog page.

If you are yourselves unaware of what your blog is all about, then it is a problem.

Try To Use Informative Idioms And Phrases

For the tagline, you shouldn’t rely on basic and common words.

Try to use ‘Idioms and phrases’ since doing so a person who is completely new on your blog will get to understand what you are representing.

Obviously, a blog is something that throws a lot of information and ideas so for that particular information and ideas, you need to write a headline or tagline which suits that particular information.

Give Your Audience A Clear Idea Of Your Content

Give Your Audience A Clear Idea Of Your Content

You know that there are thousands of blogs from where a person can get the same information.

So for this kind of situation, you should always try to be honest about the information you put in the public domain .

Try to present your information with some pictures or pieces of evidence, which will enhance the intensity of your tagline on the head of the reader.

Try To Make Your Tagline Stuck On Viewers Tongue

Always try a tagline that is rhythmic in nature and rhymes with the content of the blog.

It will make your blog much more attractive to read for your readers. And for that, your vocabulary should be on the top level.


If you’re having a blog then it’s very important to have a creative tagline. A solid tagline can easily attract the public and rank your article way above your competition.

I’ve shared the best ways to write blog taglines. All you need to do is follow all the tips and increase the reach of your blog.

Just be more creative and enthusiastic and let me know about your blogging tagline ideas in the comment box.

By the way, the tagline for this blog i.e. BloggersDomain is ‘Everything About Blogging’.

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