7 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins For WordPress Site

Want to know about the 7 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins For WordPress site? Being a blogger, I wouldn’t deny the power of videos to convert more audience into subscribers.

Today, it is thousand times easier to get subscribers on YouTube than on a written blog. Many bloggers have now started created their YouTube channels along with a website. Videos are easier to comprehend, therefore, it attracts more crowd than a written blog.

Seeing the rising trend, many companies realized that there is a great need for plugins that connect YouTube channels to WordPress sites. As a result, the market flourished with such plugins. Having said that, we came up with 7 best YouTube gallery plugins that performs very well with a WordPress website.

7 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins For WordPress Site

7 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins For WordPress Site

So, without further ado, let’s check out the 7 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins For WordPress Site.

Smash Balloon YouTube Feed

Smash Balloon

What if we tell you, you can list up all your YouTube videos on your WordPress site?

I know, there is no bigger plus game for a blogger. Therefore, this YouTube gallery plugin is what you need, if you want your YouTube videos are displayed automatically in a gallery layout.

Easy to set up and customize, it gives a facility to hand-pick your favourite videos to be displayed in the gallery. Customize your gallery so it speaks about your brand identity.

It also allows you to combine multiple YouTube channels into a single feed. Moreover, all the stats of the video – likes, comments and shares are too, displayed on the site, along with the video. You can even do live streaming on your WordPress website using this amazing plugin.

This plugin also provides you the facility to enable the “Subscribe” button, so you can capture the visitors to your site and get them subscribed to your YouTube channel. The plugin is also great for SEO Ranking, as it’s YouTube caching feature ensures that your site loads faster.

Smash Balloon YouTube Feed’s free version has very limited features. For more customizations and great features, get yourself a pro version.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery

With being the best photo gallery plugin for WordPress websites, Envira gallery is now making name for their addon, which allows you to create a gallery of YouTube videos. However, it will not automatically display YouTube videos from your channel. You need to embed them manually.

Videos uploaded on Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Dailymotion etc. can also be embedded on your WordPress site, using this plugin. With main content area, you can also list your videos in the sidebar as it comes with a drag-and-drop widgets.

YouTube Gallery

YouTube Gallery

YouTube Gallery plugin too, lets you add YouTube video on your WordPress site. It is best known for its layout, which makes your Website look professional.

The plugin comes with a setup assistant that guides you through each step. Hence, you are sure to be on track with setting up the plugin correctly.

The unique thing about the plugin is that, it allows you to organize your videos according to specific categories and tags. This makes it user-friendly and SEO-friendly as well.

Embed Plus

Embed Plus For YouTube

With Embed Plus for YouTube plugin, you can create a YouTube video gallery of your favourite videos as well as your entire playlist.

By default, a grid layout will be created. It also allows you to set preferences for playback controls, live streams, auto-plays and premieres.

Using shortcodes, you can insert the gallery anywhere you want on the website. It also gives you option to show or hide video information.

Automatic YouTube Gallery

Automatic YouTube Gallery

Create unlimited galleries on your website using Automatic YouTube Gallery. The plugin is a great one as it does not slow down your website. It has caching feature, which keeps your sites’ load time fast.

The plugin will itself fetch the playlist and display it on your site. You do not need to sit and embed every URL. It has 5 different UI styles and you can switch to different presenting style in just a click.

This is the best plugin when it comes to increasing the user engagement.

All In One Video Gallery

All In One YouTube Video Gallery

Well, how good it is to make a beautiful gallery on your website that is SEO-friendly? 100% good enough for every blogger out there.

The galleries made with All-in-One Video Gallery are searchable and scalable. Just like Envira Gallery, it lets you embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Facebook.

You can even customize player controls and playback options. There are many more settings, giving you more control of the functions it performs. It lets you categorize your videos, which definitely makes it search-friendly.

Total Soft

Total Soft

Video Gallery by Total Soft creates a list-like gallery on your site, which makes the collection of your YouTube videos look neat and clean. It provides 9 layouts to present your videos and a number of customizable settings.

With YouTube, it also lets you embed videos from Wistia, Vimeos and your own MP4s.

It is very much responsive and offers amazing hover effect. You can create unlimited galleries on your site with this plugin.


A lot of plugins are available in the market but according to us, these are the 7 Best YouTube Video Gallery Plugins For WordPress Site. They would connect easily, without any hassle to a WordPress website and would even make your website look nice and clean.

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