How Can Bloggers Write Professional Email

Don’t know how can bloggers write professional email? Well, keep on reading to know more.

The art of letter writing has been slowly replaced with emails and short texts. Though text messaging is easier, some people still prefer sending emails for a personal touch.

Some people are more used to sending casual emails, but when you are trying to contact a person professionally, the best option is to clean up your language. As a professional, you will have the requirement to write a thank you letter, requisition letter, resignation letter, cover letter, and reference letter.

The mail content might vary, but the outline will be the same for all the emails. Understanding them will allow you to be professional with your clients, employers, employees, and sometimes friends.

Gmail is the best platform for writing emails.

Read the points given below to understand about writing a professional email.

How Can Bloggers Write Professional Email

How Can Bloggers Write Professional Email

To know how can bloggers write professional email, below is a list of few important things that your should include in your email.


The subject written should be short and explain the content of the email in 5-6 words.

For example, ” Thank you for your help” or ” Reference letter for X.” The subject will make it easier for the reader to understand the content before opening it.


It doesn’t matter whether it is a small or a large email. Greeting the person on the other side will allow the reader to feel at ease and close to the sender.

You can greet the person using “Dear” or “Respected.”

The greeting can be accompanied along with their name or title according to your relationship with them.


The length of the mail should be short and crisp, around 150 – 200 words & not more.

When it is a professional email, most people try to skim through the passages & consider the important points. So making it short and precise is essential.

Try to highlight the important dates and events in bold for more convenience reading.


The conclusion should be short with a simple “Bye” or “Thank you.”

Some emails allow you to have a proper conclusion with your special signature, including your name and contact information.

Setting it up will increase the professional status of your email.

Things To Avoid In Your Email

While the things mentioned above are essential in an email, certain other concepts should not included in a professional email in order to learn how can bloggers write professional email.


Introducing emoticons within the texts and emails are common nowadays.

But the professional mail is not the place for them. Placing them in your mail will convert them into a personal mail, so try to refrain yourself from using the emoticons while sending the professional emails.


Using an array of fonts on your email with colorful titles is not suitable.

Use only one color with a single font. This idea will prevent the reader from getting irritated and makes the reading easier.

Things To Do Before Hitting The Send Button

There are certain things that you should follow before sending the hit button. In this way you can avoid sending wrong information. This is a critical part of how can bloggers write professional email.

Double-check your mail

The mail should be double-checked for completion, and the mail should be proof-read for errors.

This idea will prevent you from re-sending the mail and also avoid some embarrassing moments with your colleagues.

Using a grammar tool will allow you to check for errors easily, so that your don’t make any grammatical mistakes.

Send To Yourself

You might have heard of this technique.

Sending the mail to yourself along with the client will ensure that the mail has been sent. Also, this feature will allow you to keep a record of the sent mail in detail.

If you are always sending the mail to a particular set of people like the clients or office members, then create a folder for them to save a lot of time.


Professional Emails

So not you know all about, how can bloggers write professional email.

Now-a-days sending an email has become one of the most important aspects of everyone’s professional life & so one should take all the above mentioned points in to consideration before creating & sending an email.

It will help them to adhere with the professional rules of engagement.

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