How To Easily Get Subscribers For Your Blog

Don’t know, how to easily get subscribers for your blog? You have come to the right place for the answer.

In today’s article we will discuss the method useful for getting subscribers for your blog. But first, lets look at the general picture here.

Why does anyone need subscribers for their blog in the first place?

The answer to that question is simple, “the more subscribers you will have for your blog, more will be your chances to earn money from the blog”.

Still confused?

Subscribers can draw traffic to your blog & in turn help you earn money through various channels such as Google AdSense & other Affiliate Programs.

How To Easily Get Subscribers For Your Blog

How To Easily Get Subscribers For Your Blog

Below is a list of various methods one can use to gain subscribers for their blog. Go through them thoroughly.

Build an Email-List

It is often seen, when people start blogging, they miss on to a very important aspect of marketing – THE EMAIL LIST.

Building a mailing list is the toughest and the most time-consuming task in blogging. It’s not easy to convince people to subscribe to your blog.

Though it sounds conventional but in the long run, an email-list works as an asset.

The people who have subscribed your blog, like and trust your content. They trust on whatever you have to say, whether it’s an experience or a product.

There are a lot of methods to build a mailing list like paid promotions – running social media ads, influencer marketing, referrals by pro bloggers, free giveaways and many more. In this article, I will be sharing, what worked for me.

Below are a few reason for the need of an email list,

  • If you want to sell any product like a course, book, app or a beauty product, the subscribers in your mailing-list are the ones that are going to be converted as your customers.
  • If you are into affiliate-marketing, your email-list subscribers are the ones, who will read your blog, trust your experience and buy the product.
  • For content-creators, email-list subscribers are the ones, who will religiously read your blog or even wait for your next creative.
  • Email marketing is known to be the biggest lead magnet. 25% of your sales are made through email marketing. This is the reason why you receive mails from Amazon, Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, every second day.

Stick to Your Niche

The people landing on your blog are potential subscribers. But they will subscribe only when they find content that is valuable to them.

You also need to be unique. If you provide same perception on a topic that other blogs are showing, there is a less chance, you might get subscribers. Therefore, always right from your own perception, don’t simply copy from pro bloggers.

You need to show that you are expert in the said niche and they need your expertise. If your current blog convinces them that you are the person they are looking for, they will explore more on your blog. If your whole website contains the content that is helpful to them…hooray! You get a subscriber.

Place A Subscriber’s Box

BloggersDomain Subscription Box

A subscriber’s box, essentially should consist of “Name” and “Email” field. A subscriber’s box can be placed at the end of the post, as a pop or may appear when reader reaches the middle of the post.

Each service provider offers different kind of Subscriber’s Box.

I recommend to place a box at the end of the post. If someone has read your full post then definitely, they liked your content and this is how you get quality readers, the ones who trust your content.

A pop-up subscriber’s box is also very popular and effective. You can place both. Don’t feel that you are over-burdening your reader with subscriber’s box. You will have to shout out loud for people to subscribe. It’s normal so chill and go on.

Note: Always place Name and Email fields in a subscriber’s box. In most of the blogs, you might have only seen email address field. But why I am stressing to register the name is, when you send emails, writing the name of subscriber in salutation adds a personal touch. It will increase your click rates.

Sign-up on one of mailing list providers like MailChimp, Experian, DirectMail etc.

Add Testimonials To Your Home Page

It is always an added benefit to have testimonials written by Top Bloggers in the niche. It adds validation to your blog.

GrooveHq, tested an experiment by Noah, where they changed their homepage to a simple sign-up form and testimonials by two top bloggers. They started getting a lot of subscription after re-designing the Homepage.

So, have some testimonials written for your blog by top bloggers of your niche.

You can also use Elementor to make changes to your website at a design level. Check out our detailed review on Elementor Free Vs Elementor Pro to know which Elementor plan you should get.

Free Giveaways

Freebies are something everybody likes. No one can say no to them.

Especially, when freebies are important information that people are looking for and do not get anywhere easily like “A List of Best Affiliate Programs” or “A booklet helping people – How to Open Their Own Blog” or Providing Them Templates for Instagram Promotional Creative.

You got the gist, right?

Build A Subscriber Referral Program

In a Subscriber’s Referral Program, you will have to ask your subscribers to refer your blog to other people and ask them to subscribe.

But why would someone do it for free? Hence, a subscriber’s referral program requires some material stuff.

You can design a program giving them something in relays. On referring to 100 people, you can give them a T-shirt, on referring to 20 people, a Book or Mug etc.

A subscriber’s referral program, completely depends on your spending potential.

Update Your Older Posts

Your older posts hold more authenticity as they might have been shared a lot and would be performing amazingly on search engines.

That’s why it’s advisable to update your older posts from time-to-time. Even Google loves it, when people nourish their older posts.

But don’t waste time on all your older posts. Find the most popular posts using Google Analytics, and make add-ons to them.

Optimize Your Content

As your blog starts growing, you will notice that most of the traffic inflow is through search engines like Google.

People who surfed their query on internet and reached your page are the people who need you genuinely.

These are the people, whom you want to come back again and again on your blog.

So, make sure your post is either on first or second page of Google.

To make sure your post makes it to the first page of Google, you need to apply some SEO techniques.

Don’t Be Shy In Taking Up Some Influencer Marketing

Whenever an influencer refers to you, you get a very high reach.

Therefore, find an influencer in your niche.

And no, don’t try to text them like “Hey, can you please help me grow. My content is great and I am sure people would like it”. Nobody, I am telling you nobody replies on such crappy texts.

You will just be another mail or DM in their inbox.

Try to network with these influencers. Tell them you love their content, promote their content, may be tag them on Instagram so they notice you.

One you know you are on good equation, just ask them politely if they can promote your blog.

This way, a very large and authentic audience, will subscribe your blog.

Upgrade Program

This can prove to be the most effective method.

Give a person, only 2 blogs as open resource.

When he tries to open the third blog, a subscriber’s box should pop-up, which asks for the person’s Name and Email address.

If this person likes your content, then definitely he will put in his details to open the post.

Reminders On Social Media

Always promote your blogs on social media and ask them repeatedly to subscribe.

The best way to pursue people to subscribe is, make a video asking your followers to subscribe your blog and help you grow.

You can even make a short video to promote your every blog and at the end, add a small request for people to subscribe to your blog to get more such content.

Many a times, people rely entirely on their social media to attract traffic. But more often, social media followers do not respond well. They are either there because they are your friends or like the graphics that you upload.

That’s why, it is only sensible to maintain a mailing list, especially if you entered this industry with a long-term vision.


There are a lot of ways to build a subscriber’s list if you know how to easily get subscribers for your blog.

Building a mailing list is a long journey and an effort of 100s of hours. But in the end, it’s worth it. This is one of the most successful formula to win in this virtual world.

So, start working on building your subscriber list now. It will help you in the long term.

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