How To Write A Privacy Policy For Your Blog

Want to know, how to write a Privacy Policy for your blog? Blogging has become more common and essential these days.

There are a variety of bloggers out there with various niches. But the one thing that they have in common is the availability of the privacy policy.

It doesn’t matter about the technicality of your blog, but having a privacy policy will help you attract customers & avoid lawsuits at the same time. A good privacy policy is one with clear and simple sentences that will allow the users to understand clearly.

What is a privacy policy

A privacy policy is a set of laws that will allow you to cover all the global, federal, and state laws where the readers of your blog will be present.

Since most of the blogs are created with universal content the best option for you is to cover all the policies in your blog policy.

Having a privacy policy is essential for your blog because you will have the responsibility of protecting the reader’s identity including the cookies that the users permit while entering your blog.

When a client enters the blog some of their personal detail like their name, number, browsing history, cookies, and connection ID will be shared with the blog server.

These details will in turn be used by the Google AdSense installed in that blog to display suitable information.

Setting up a privacy policy will allow you to get proper approval from the users and avoid lawsuits.

The private details of a user are usually collected by websites or blogs during certain situations. Some of the common situations include,

  • Entering and registering in an eCommerce website
  • Chat websites
  • Comment sections
  • Sign up section
  • Cookies
  • Third-party services
  • Through other social media sites

Why Do You Need A Privacy Policy

Since your blog will collect the personal information of the readers in detail providing a privacy policy to them and ensuring the way the information will be used is essential.

Using a privacy policy for your site or blog will allow your readers to trust you to a certain extent.

They will be assured about entering their personal details into your site after reading the policies.

Sometime certain readers without understanding or reading the policies in detail might drop a lawsuit on you for invading their privacy.

So including some detailed clauses into your website will prevent you from getting affected by the unwanted lawsuits.

So make sure to include clauses representing the third party advertisers in your blog also for further protection. This will protect you from providing loopholes to the others visiting your site.

How To Write A Privacy Policy For Your Blog

How To Write A Privacy Policy For Your Blog

So, without further ado, let us now view these policies in detail.

Most of the people prefer to get their privacy policy to be written by some external organization.

But the truth is that they can be written by yourself. But when you are writing a policy there are certain rules and regulations to be followed.

Simple Language

When you release a blog into the world it will be visited by people with different knowledge and educational background.

So it is essential for you to use a simple English language for writing a privacy policy.

This will allow the users to understand your requirements in detail.

Also, when you fill your blog with unwanted and complex policies the readers will be disturbed to a greater extent and they will move away to read the same content from another blog with simple policy.

So write a good policy for your website with straightforward and simple sentences.

Information Usage Details

When you are collecting some information from the readers it is essential for you to inform them for what purpose this information will be used.

So make sure that the policy explains properly, whom will you disclose the information that you collect from them .

Disclose the safety of the personal information shared by the readers in the policy.

Providing the readers detailed information without allowing them a space for guessing is the perfect policy.

Stating The Laws And Origin

The next step you need to follow while writing a law is to mention under what categories your policies fall under.

For example, your blog policies might obey state laws and federal laws but not global laws.

So stating the laws that you have planned to comply with, in your policy will allow the user to get a further idea on the topic.

But remember including the global laws is a necessity and provides more safety.

Updates And Improvements

The rules on blogs and the websites will be changing constantly which will require you to update the blog every now and then.

So while you are generating a privacy policy for your blog, mention to the readers is that these policies are subject to alterations in the near future.

Mentioning these in a separate line with bold characterization is essential.

Third Party Policies

When you are having a successful blog you will automatically think about gaining some profit in the near future.

So during those situations, it is essential for you to include the third-party policies also within your policies for a detailed clarification to the clients.

For example, if you have installed Google AdSense, you have to mention it in your policy and include their policy details also.

This will make your privacy policy a bit complicated and lengthier but they are totally worth it.

So it is essential for you to include both google analytics and Google AdSense policy within the blog’s privacy policy.

Option To Leave

Sometime certain customers will wish to move out of the site. During that time the privacy policy should provide them proper instructions and options to move out without any loss.

Keep the policy file user friendly & give the final choice of rejecting or accepting it to the user without putting any external pressures on them.

Policy Effectiveness

When you are writing a policy mention in detail when the policy will start to be effective and under what condition they will stop being effective.

Mention the details with the proper date and time for clarity.

Mentioned the update in the policy to the client properly through any form of communication available.

Include all the above mentioned points in the privacy policy & displayed them with proper font and clarity.

Accentuate some important side headings and points with bold letters.

If you are good at writing you can frame your own policy if not you can get outside help from the online media.

Third Party Generator

When you are trying to create a policy and not comfortable in creating them on your own then the best option is to register yourself in the privacy policy generator websites available in the market.

Upon entering your personal details of the blog this website will automatically generate a perfect privacy policy for you.

Some sites perform this activity for a particular price but there are other sites that will create a good privacy policy free of cost.

Just answer the questions asked by the site correctly for a decent policy generation.

Some of the commonly used sites are,


Having a good privacy policy on your website will ensure the users on safety and also on your dedication.

With a good set of privacy policies, you can attract a large set of customers for your site.

So research well on your requirements and then create a perfect privacy policy for your blog.

You can check out the Privacy Policy for Bloggers Domain.

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