Namecheap Affiliate Marketing Guide For Bloggers

If you are a blogger pursuing affiliate marketing, you must follow the Namecheap affiliate marketing guide for bloggers.

Namecheap products’ affiliate marketing guide will give you a brief idea of how you can grow your earnings by promoting their products via Affiliate Marketing.

First lets know, what Namecheap is…!

What Is Namecheap

Namecheap is an ICAHN-accredited, US based, domain name registrar, which provides domain name registration, web hosting & other products. Namecheap hosting has around 11 million registered users & 10 million domains.

The list of products & services that Namecheap has to offer are given below,

  1. Domains.
  2. Shared Web Hosting.
  3. VPS Web Hosting Dedicated Servers.
  4. EasyWP.
  5. SSL Certificates.
  6. Private Email.
  7. Premium DNS.

If you’re going to promote Namecheap products and services to earn commission, you need to understand a little more about what they do so you can define the audience you’re pitching them to.

It will also make it easier to highlight the benefits to those potential customers. Then you can sit back, and watch your commissions grow.

Your customers may or may not have heard of Namecheap, so it’s important to make them aware that they are not just buying products but they are buying products with a brand name & great reputation.

Namecheap Affiliate Marketing Guide For Bloggers

Namecheap Affiliate Marketing Guide For Bloggers

So, lets take a closer look at what you & your affiliate partner are offering the audience.


Highlighting a specific range of TLDs (domain extensions) for your audience to choose from will help you appeal to your demographic.

And with Namecheap there is a huge range of domains available, all with great, low prices.

A techy audience and online developers might like domains such as .TECH, .IO, .SITE, .AI, .SOFTWARE or .APP

If your clients are looking for some high end, prestigious domains, expensive TLDs like .GAME, .INC, or .CEO it will boost your earnings to another level.

If you deal more with business professionals, domains like .COM, .CO, .LTD, .LLC, .STORE, .PARTNERS and .BIZ might be better ones to highlight.

Blog audiences might enjoy TLDs that reflect their interest or topic to help their site stand out.

You have got .TRAVEL, .REVIEWS, .COOL, .PICS, .RECIPES and many more to choose from.

Some of the domain registration highlights that you can show your audience are,

  • Over 400 awesome TLDs to choose from.
  • Free WhoisGuard Privacy Protection for life.
  • Private Email free for 2 months.
  • PositiveSSL for $3.88/1st yr with each domain registration.
  • Free BasicDNS and DNSSEC.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Bloggers can earn 20% commission for Domain Registration or Domain Transfer.


Hosting is required to publish a website, so that, it can be viewed online. Without it, a domain name is just an empty address. Namecheap offers a wide range of robust hosting packages with 100% uptime guaranteed.

Your audience can choose from Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server packages depending on their requirements.

Shared Hosting

A shared hosting is a kind of web hosting service where many websites reside on one web server connected to the Internet.

If your audience has chose a shared web hosting, then it simply means that they will be sharing the same server with other websites.

This is generally the most economical option for hosting, as the overall cost of server maintenance is spread over many websites.

Promote these packages and benefit from the high volume and conversion rate they bring.

Cost-effective Shared hosting is ideal for people who,

  • Are first time blog creators.
  • Own a small online shop.
  • Have several simple websites.
  • Use personal domains for email accounts, or to put portfolios online.
  • Are inexperienced in creating websites and want a hassle-free cheaper option.

The Namecheap Shared Web Hosting highlights that you can put forth in front of your audience are,

  • 50% off the 1st year.
  • Domain registration with up to 100% off for 1 year.
  • 50 free PositiveSSL certificates for 1 year.
  • Easy-to-install WordPress.
  • Unmetered Bandwidth.
  • Free Supersonic CDN.
  • Website Builder for quick and stylish layouts.
  • Free website transfer from another platform.
  • 100% uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

VPS Hosting – Dedicated Servers

Earn higher commissions promoting powerful and reliable servers for big websites.

Namecheap’s competitive pricing and high quality standards make them among the most popular on the market.

VPS & Dedicated Servers are ideal with those who,

  • Own big, resource-intensive websites.
  • Are web-agencies, webmasters, resellers.
  • Require customizable server settings.
  • Need space for media storage.
  • Have a large number of websites.

The highlights of Namecheap VPS & Dedicated Servers that you can put forth in front of your audience are,

  • Up to 20% off the 1st billing cycle.
  • 3 management options to choose from.
  • Free .website domain registration for 1 year.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Free transfer of the server from another host.
  • Full root access and Operating System (OS) selection.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

EasyWP – Managed WordPress Hosting

EasyWP is the fastest and easiest way to use managed WordPress that takes a website live in just a couple of minutes.

Creating a website has never been easier, and the users love it!

Describe all this to your audience and they won’t be able to resist.

Plus, let them know about the detailed commission structure plan that Namecheap is offering.

To know what plans they are offering at what pricing, please check out, Namecheap Web Hosting Features & Pricing.

EasyWP is ideal for those people who,

  • Cannot imagine online experience without using WordPress.
  • Feel the need to launch a website in a matter of minutes.
  • Are uncomfortable with complicated interfaces & setups.
  • Are looking for ease of use.

The main highlights of EasyWP that you can put forth in front of your audience are,

  • Fastest WordPress Hosting.
  • Installs in under 90 seconds.
  • Hosted on Namecheap Cloud.
  • Easy backup and restore tool.
  • Free CDN & SSL.
  • SFTP, Database Access.

Bloggers can earn 35% commission on web hosting purchases made by their references.

VPN – Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that allows your audience to connect to the Internet securely by creating an encrypted connection for them to use.

Browsing, online banking, and shopping will all be secure, even on public Wi-Fi connections, meaning their data and identity will be protected.

Namecheap VPN has a high conversion rate, and is set at a low price to maximize its appeal to your audience.

The VPN service is of great us for those people who,

  • Want to be protected from hackers while on public Wi-Fi.
  • Need an easy way to stream their favorite shows with no interruptions.
  • Want to unblock geo-restricted sites games and services.
  • Care about hiding their IP address and masking their location.

The main highlights of Namecheap VPN that you can put forth in front of your audience are,

  • Connects on all devices at once.
  • 75+ Locations and 1000+ Servers.
  • Easy setup.
  • Solid protection with Kill Switch feature.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • No Traffic Logs.
  • Protect your Wi-Fi router.

Namecheap VPN, a service that makes streaming, browsing, and shopping fast, easy, and secure. Bloggers can earn a handsome commission for referring Namecheap VPN Services to their audience.

Promote their free VPN trial plan and receive 40% recurring commission for up to 9 months + a bonus!
Get 50% commission for the first–time sales of 1 year and 3 year plans.

SSL Certificates

SSL certification and validation are necessary pieces of web security for any business that collects information from its users.

Also, websites without trusted SSL certificates get pushed to the bottom of the search results by big companies, like Google.

Help your audience raise their sites to the top of the rankings by promoting SSL Certificates to them.

PositiveSSL Comodo EssentialSSL

The most popular SSL certificates on the market, and our audiences’ top pick.

Perfect for customers with blogs, personal pages, and small to medium-sized online businesses.

Some of the highlights that you can promote are,

  • Starting at just $5.88 per year.
  • Easy-to-activate.
  • Domain Validation.
  • A static Site Seal as a mark of the secure website.
  • The best compatibility with popular browsers.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

PremiumSSL Wildcard Unified Communications

These options are perfect for organizations with multiple domains, e-commerce sites, corporate, NGO, or governmental websites.SSL Wildcards offer the highest level of protection, and put the company’s name next to the green padlock in the address bar.

Your customers get the trust and respect of their users, and you get big earnings for these high-value products.

Some of the highlights that you can promote are,

  • Organization Validation.
  • Multi-Domain.
  • Dynamic Site Seal.
  • 24/7 Customer Support.

Bloggers can earn a commission of 35% for referring SSL certificates to their audience.

Private Email

Private Email offers a secure, reliable solution for web-based email, and a great way to drive your commissions.

Your audience will love how easy it is to share data and control who has access to files, as well as quickly view their colleagues’ work schedules to make planning meetings a breeze.

You can promote it to both individuals who bring their small business online, and companies with a number of employees.

Some of the highlights for their private email service that you can promote to your audience are,

  • Cloud-based.
  • User-friendly web interface.
  • Perfect for email collaboration.
  • Available on Windows, Android & iOS.
  • Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Anti-spam protection.

Bloggers can earn a commission of 35% for referring SSL certificates to their audience.


DNS is a system of servers that connect your domain to a website, or to email hosting.

PremiumDNS ensures faster performance, maximum site availability, and better security.

Promote this globally available DNS service together with domains or hosting.

Any website owner or email user will benefit from this reliable and cost-effective option.

Some of the highlights for their PremiumDNS service that you can promote are,

  • Best price on the market.
  • For any domain with any registrar.
  • DNSSEC support.
  • 2 million queries per domain per month.
  • 100% Guaranteed DNS Resolution.

If you want to join Namecheap Affiliate Program to promote their products & earn commission, you can write to them at or you can sign up for ShareASale Affiliate Program & apply through ShareASale.


Namecheap is a well established player in the market of Domain Registration & Web Hosting. Now, they also have a variety of other products to promote.

Bloggers can take full advantage of their affiliate program & earn a good commission out of it. This is a really good opportunity for making some serious cash.

Just like Bluehost is know for it’s reliability & SiteGround is known for its speed, Namecheap is known for it’s cost effective products.

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