Top 20 Blogging Niches For Bloggers

Want to know about the top 20 blogging niches for bloggers? Blogging is usually niche based as you might know.

Every year a new journal is made, new goals are pasted, new growth is envisioned.

Shaping up the body, financial wisdom, healthy lifestyle and what not.

Out of all, some millions of us might be thinking of starting a blog. It is always lucrative to have a digital property.

Can’t direct experts but if you are a versatile soul with a lot of thoughts and skills and hobbies and confused which niche to go with, read the blog till the end.

I will be summarizing how competitive a particular niche is on SEO and Social Media.

This will help you choose the niche that will get you more audience.

Top 20 Blogging Niches For Bloggers

Top 20 Blogging Niches For Bloggers

So, without further ado, lets dive right into the top 20 blogging niches for the year 2022.

Travel Niche

Travel Niche

If you travel a lot and can summarize your experience in writing or video, travel blog is surely your thing. People are always looking for raw experiences, best deals and reviews of travel agencies. A travel blog can work as a guide to people who do not like to plan a lot for a trip. If they believe you, they follow your itineraries.

Travel Blogs are hardest to rank on search engines as it is the highly competitive niche. In past decades, many travel blogs have come up and in future, no doubt, they will increase. Hence, they are never leaving the space.

Why it is Hard to Rank a Travel Blog?

  • Already there are thousands of blogs written on the same topic. Everybody has written about Santorini. All bloggers have written about Disney Land. What new can you offer? Don’t think too hard. You can’t be different because you are not writing about your experience on Mars anytime soon.
  • Most of the content is same because people visit the same tourist place. Result, copied content do not rank.
  • Most of the Keywords have already taken by big players like Tripoto and Treebo.

But travel blogs does extremely well on social media. If you have a large following on Facebook and Instagram, your audience will definitely click the link and read your blog. People love travel content more than anything.

Hence, build a social media presence.

Recipes Niche

Recipes Niche

Recipe Blogs never fail because people are crazy about cooking. We are a multi-niche site.

We cover a lot of recipes and we get tremendous organic traffic on our recipes.

Though there are thousands of recipe blogs but ranking for recipes can be very easy by using Rich Snippet Plugin.

Not many people are using it as of now. So, here’s your chance to rank high before the space on search engine gets filled.

Moreover, having a social media presence helps a lot.

Entrepreneurs & Author Niche

Entrepreneurs And Author Niche

Entrepreneur and Author blogs are basically the blogs, where an author or an entrepreneur is posting their own views.

They do not follow any particular niche, their life is their niche.

They are talking about everything on their blog and people who follow them do not miss a single writing by them.

You can call it a mini-religion.

They do not feel the need to rank high on search engines as they already have a great following.

Two authors that I love reading are Mark Manson and Seth Godin.

I read their writings everyday because they have entirely different perspective of life.

Wine & Beer Niche

Wine And Beer Niche

I have heard people talk a lot about different brands and their taste.

Though I never understood but I am sure it takes a lot of expertise and hell a lot of drinks to know wines so sophisticatedly.

From brands to the way they are made and why some wines hit more than others, some people can talk non-stop about beverages.

Wine & Beer blogs would get you more profit if you sell wines/beer or run your own brewery or vineyard.

There’s not a lot of competition in this niche. Therefore, it is very easy to rank high.

Yoga Niche

Yoga Niche

1 in 5 people are querying Google about some asana (posture) to cure a mild discomfort.

But there aren’t a lot of good blogs available from yoga experts on the internet.

We do find some videos on YouTube but even they are not enough.

There is a need for more Yoga blogs to come up, written by experts, which tells the causes, asanas and home remedies for discomforts.

As the competition is not much, a new blog on Yoga can rank high on Google in just 4-5 months.

Product Niche

Product Niche

First let me tell you what exactly is a product blog.

A product blog is something where you are marketing your own products through your own blogs.

For example, Nykaa makes make-up tutorials, where they use products of the brands associated with them or they use their own products.

This compels people to buy more and more products from its site as they got an easy solution and tested product.

If you have a new business site, blogs will help you rank high as your site is being updated regularly and Google loves updates.

Technology Niche

Technology Niche

Technology blogs can be something where you review new technology, products, features, talk about new ideas, provide hacks for technology or make tutorials to simplify technology for techy as well as non-techy people.

Traffic on technology blog depends on what kind of technology you write on. If you are writing more on Cloud or Bots, it’s easy to rank as there are not many blogs that cover it but if you are making tutorials on Java and HTML, it’s hard to rank.

Apart from this, if you are a multi-technology blog, your ranking completely depends on the topic and proper SEO compliance.

Business Niche

Business Niche

Business blogs wouldn’t teach you how to do business rather it is more of an information sharing blog.

Blogs like Forbes: Entrepreneur and TechCrunch covers all the big happenings in the business world.

It can be called as more of a business magazine.

Such blogs drive traffic by having a huge following on Instagram and Facebook.

This niche needs a brand to be built around than just being a blog.

The content and ideas are dynamic.

If a huge crowd doesn’t know about the happenings in a particular business sector, they wouldn’t fire query on Google.

Art Niche

Art Niche

Most of the art blogs that you will find are displaying their portfolios or writing about the ways to help young artists to “How to Organize an Exhibition” or “How to Do Email-Marketing” for Your Art Work.

It is turning more into a tutorial to gain business rather than educating masses about art work.

There are a large number of people who want an opinion,

  • What Kind of brushes to use!
  • Reviews on certain pens!
  • What are Brush Pens & Metallic Pens!

2022 is a good time to run an art blog as you can rank high on Google and also earn with Affiliate Marketing in Art Products through Amazon Affiliate Program.

Digital Marketing Niche

Digital Marketing Niche

Do you often look for solutions on internet while making your CMS website?

Definitely Yes!

You would find n number of solutions to your digital marketing problems on Google.

These are digital marketing blogs that are helping you build your website.

Anything related to Digital Marketing gets a tremendous response because people are looking forward to grow their business online.

There are many blogs that are too big to displace them from first page of Google but Digital Marketing is ever growing.

If you can target good keywords that many people search for but less blogs are written on such topics then it is very easy to drive organic traffic.

Finance Niche

Finance Niche

Finance blogs are the ones that help you manage personal finances like savings, loans, credit card and retirement plans.

These blogs are needed for guidance as finances are a lot to think about.

There are many finance blogs that do teach you about FinTech like cryptocurrency and stock market.

Most of the finance blogs are run by banks themselves.

When you type a query like “Which Credit Card to Buy” on Google, you will find very less results from the actual finance bloggers.

It can mean two things, either there are very less finance bloggers or they are not taking SEO quite seriously.

In both ways, it is beneficial if you start a finance blog keeping a track with SEO in 2022.

Parenting Blogs

Parenting Niche

If you surf the internet, you will find a long list on American Moms opening Mommy Blogs.

These blogs are the ones having real life accounts by parents. These blogs provide guidance’s on how to be a great parent, what mistakes they made in parenting, child development etc.

They have a whole community of parents discussing different issues.

On social media as well as search engines, this niche is pretty crowded.

You need to have the best content to make a place amongst Parenting Writers.

Tutorial Niche

Tutorial Niche

Tutorial Blogs can be about anything where you provide a step-by-step guide to the audiences.

For example, you can teach a programming language through your blog or you can teach, how to start a blog.

To start a blog you should be well aware of WordPress & also the Difference Between Vs

Mostly these kind of blogs have converted their content into mini online courses.

Also, ranking on Google depend upon what are you going to teach.

If it is a technology such as Mule Soft, you can definitely rank high but if you teach technology such as Java or C, there are already big players.

Lifestyle Niche

Lifestyle Niche

Lifestyle Blogs have a number of micro categories such as Men’s Lifestyle Blogs, Beauty and Wellness Blogs and Luxury Lifestyle Blogs.

A lifestyle blog can talk about a lot of things such as travel, food, drinks, clothes, products, services etc.

These blogs are mostly multi-niche though their content targets small audience.

It is a highly competitive niche, so make sure you have the best content, best strategy and a lot of social media following.

Fashion Niche

Fashion Niche

Fashion Blogs are all about promoting brands and products.

They also provide a lot of tutorial like “How to Wear Sarees in 5 Ways” or “Top 5 Watch Brands”.

Most of the traffic for Fashion Blogs have shifted to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

People prefer videos and images more in this niche rather than a written content.

Motivational Niche

Motivational Niche

A Motivational Blog is directed towards self-development, happiness and inspiration.

It is about improving the quality of life.

These blogs are spread across niches as far as a human emotions, thoughts and life can reach whether it’s family, work or stress.

People who are running motivational blogs become so-called mentors of their followers. The followers blindly trust them and take life advises from them.

A moderately competitive niche but a very hard one to get a loyal following.

In this niche too, YouTube has taken over written content.

Gaming Blogs

Gaming Niche

Video Game and Online Gaming industry has given rise to this whole new niche – Gaming Blogs.

These blogs provide reviews about new games and new gaming products, cheat codes, upcoming releases and they are the ones with whom the gaming industry is testing their beta versions.

Video Game Communities are as famous as Flat Earth Communities, we feel they don’t exist but they are one obsessed crazy community.

Relationship Niche

Relationship Niche

This niche does not require any introduction.

These are the blogs where you get extensive relationship advice whether marriage, child-parent relationship, social relationship, stresses in relationship and what not.

There aren’t a lot of blogs in this niche.

Most of the blogs are written on Medium.

These blogs do not have a great following but can definitely do a lot better on search engine.

Environment Niche

Environment Niche

Call it a need of hour but there is a desperate need for Environment Blogs, especially from the Environment Researchers.

This niche has very less blogs but I bet they can get a very high engagement if they make their way to Search Engines and Social Media.

The only research that we get to know are written in Research Papers but a lay man do not understand the technicality of a research paper.

That’s why it is needed that specialists run a blog where we can understand environment better in a simple language.

Personal Niche

Personal Niche

These blogs contain personal views of authors.

The way they conduct their life, their success mantras, their failures, their dog, their plants, their views on social problems, their expertise and so on. You might think it as ranting but it is not.

Personal Blogs are a lot more engaging and interesting.

Not only entrepreneurs and researchers but a lot of individuals run personal blogs too.

They do it as a hobby for their friends and family. Initially, when blogs started, they were all personal blogs.

They were known as online journals but commercialization has lifted it up from personal to a marketing entity.

In my opinion, anything that interests you is a blogging niche.


If you can express or talk hours and hours on a topic, start a blog in or a YouTube channel. You never know in future we might have blogs on Extraterrestrial Species or Spaceships but as long as it can provide content to a large audience it is a niche.

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