Top 5 Domain Name Registrar For Websites

Want to know about the top 5 domain name registrar for websites? Confused about where to get your domain name from? Well, we have some answers for you.

In this article, we have listed the top 5 domain name registrar to get domain name from.

Domain names are an extremely important part of the website. Basically, it points the user to the website just like your address points to your house.

If you do not have a domain name then your users need to enter a long string of numeric value (IP Address) to be able to access your site.

This is an extremely obnoxious way for operating a site and also a vane way from marketing point of view.

Who is a Domain Name Registrar?

A domain name registrar is a company which registers and manages domain names over the internet.

Domain name registrars are required to be accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Domain names are stored in a centralized database called registry. Every domain name needed to be entered into this registry for it to get recognized.

Note: In case you do not know what domain name is, then, in short, it is the name you give to your website. For instance, in our case, it’s

Many people confuse it with .com. But no, .com is an extension, where as is the domain name.

Top 5 Domain Name Registrar For Websites

Top 5 Domain Name Registrar For Websites

So without further ado, let’s know about the top 5 domain name registrar for websites.


Namecheap Domain Name Registrar

Namecheap is one of the best domain registrars, which helps you register your domain name.

It provides you with a tool so you can see whether the domain name you want is available or not.

It even makes suggestions for the domain names that are close to the name you entered in their tool.

There are some more add-on services provided by Namecheap such as premium DNS and domain privacy.

Also, Namecheap provides you with the cheapest hosting in the marketplace.


GoDaddy Domain Name Registrar

When it comes to the most popular domain name registrar, GoDaddy is what you hear.

Being the oldest in the market, once words like domain and websites became synonymous with GoDaddy.

Today, they manage more than 70 million domain names.

They provide you with a search tool to find the best domain name for your site. If your preferred domain name is not available then it will provide you with suggestions of new domain names.

It has easy-to-use domain management interface where you can update the information, change name servers, change domain settings and so on.

GoDaddy offers a heavy discount on first purchase of any domain name. If you buy hosting and domain both from GoDaddy, the domain name will be free of cost for a year.


HostGator Domain Name Registrar

Hostgator is yet another domain name registrar where you can purchase your domain name.

They also provide you with a powerful tool to find a domain name. In addition, you can also purchase domain privacy.

The Domain Management tool is clean and user-friendly.

Hostgator is the best for beginners as they have well-documented everything.

Hence, you have lots of guides to help you step-by-step about how to go about the tech stuff.

Hostgator, like any other domain registrar, offers products like hosting space, website builders, professional email etc.


Bluehost Domain Name Registrar

Bluehost is most importantly famous for their affordable and reliable hosting plans.

But apart from hosting, they too provide domain name registration services.

If you buy hosting and domain name from Bluehost, you will get domain free for a year.

Bluehost is an official WordPress partner, hence you will find WordPress pre-installed.

They also provide domain privacy, DNS Management system to manage your domain services.


DreamHost Domain Name Registrar

DreamHost also provides you with a powerful tool to quickly find your domain name and register it with them.

It also has a wide variety of products such as hosting, website builders, professional emails and so on.

It comes with 400+ TLDs and has all domain management tools that you can expect.


There are lots more domain name registrars in the market which are equally good.

But the ones mentioned above has many more products that make them a one-stop solution for all your business needs.

Once you buy a domain then it’s not only domain that takes your business forward.

There are a lot other things like buying a hosting space, SSL certificate, professional email ids that makes your business running.

The five above mentioned Domain Registrars have a suite of products, which if you buy together can get you a significant discount.

Summing it up, we felt most comfortable using Bluehost as the user-interface is clean, has a good customer support, well-documented guides, larger bandwidth to accommodate traffic and pre-installed WordPress.

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