Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks With WP Mail SMTP

Don’t know, how to track email open rates and link clicks with WP Mail SMTP? You have come to the right place for the answer.

It is a myth, that e-mail marketing is dying. Instead, surveys suggest that email-marketing is still in its top-notch game. Most of the sales are made using email-marketing.

If you are using email-marketing tools to introduce your product or disseminate your articles then this post is just right for you. Just sending out an email is not enough; you need to see who is responding to your emails.

For example, you need to track how many people opened your emails or who clicked on the link in that email. WP Mail SMTP 2.9 has just come up with the right tool, which lets you track the email and click the link in the emails.

Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks With WP Mail SMTP

Track Email Open Rates And Link Clicks With WP Mail SMTP

So without further ado, let’s dive right in to the topic.

How to Enable Email Tracking in WP Mail SMTP

It just employs few clicks and you are ready to use the added feature. First, you need to get WP Mail SMTP Pro for your WordPress site.

Open Click WordPress Email

What All Can You Do With WP Mail SMTP

We have already mentioned how this new feature helps you track clicks and opens of your email. But there is more to this feature.

Resend WordPress Emails

We all have faced a surge in anxiety when an email fails to be sent and we start getting customer complaints. This kind of situation also puts our authenticity into question.

However, thanks to the new feature, we can easily resend the failed emails. You just need to click the “Resend” to resend the failed email.

Resend WordPress Email

Good news is, they added an option to resend the emails in bulk. E-mails in bulk are mostly sent out when introducing new products and offers. If you are running an e-store, this is definitely a plus for you.

Resend WordPress Email Bulk

Save Email Attachments

With new feature, you can save the attachments in the email too. The attachments are saved along with the original email.

Export the EML

The new feature also comes with the facility of EML Export. Using this, you can export individual emails as EML files and open them up in any email client. You can also export multiple EML files in 1 ZIP.

Network Aggregated Email Log

It might confuse a lot of readers as what this headline exactly means? To answer you in simple terms, if you have multiple sites, then you don’t need to log into your subsites to view the email logs. You can do it at one place. Click the “email address” button and choose the site, you want to access the email logs for.

Multisite Email Log WordPress

Who is it Good for

Reading the whole blog, you might have got the idea whether the new feature is for you or not.

Summing up, I would say, it is most beneficial to,

1). People who run e-store, especially, on WooCommerce.

This feature can make your life much easier by saving you a lot of time.

You can get to know whether a confirmation or an invoice was sent to the customer before getting complaints from them.

2). People who run Affiliate Programs can take a great advantage of this plugin as you would get to know the open rate of your blogs.

This would help you know much better which product is currently smashing the industry and hence boost your sales.

It will be helpful in designing the content strategy too.

3). People running media sites. It can tell how many of your subscribers are currently engaged with your content.

Freelancers can also use this feature to sell their services to the right customers.


The bottom line is, to keep your small business running, you need to employ email marketing and all its tools. This new feature is a complete suite of services that you need while doing email marketing. Save your time by employing this awesome tool.

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