Which Is Better Between Wix And WordPress

Wix & WordPress are two most widely used Content Management System (CMS) but the real question is which is better between Wix and WordPress…!

The internet today, is filled with a plethora of websites. There are so many websites today on any topic that you can possibly think about.

In the year 2016, the number of pre-existing websites almost doubled from about 900 million to a whopping 1.7 billion. All of us use plenty of websites throughout the day but have you ever given a thought about how these websites are made?

What software & technology they use? Well, I can most certainly say that majority of them are made in platforms like WordPress & Wix.

Which Is Better Between Wix And WordPress

Which Is Better Between Wix And WordPress

In today’s article, we will talk about these two platforms in detail.


Wix Content Management System

The WIX is an Israel based web services company. It enables the user to use cloud-based features for web development & helps them to create HTML5 and mobile-based websites. It provides users with over 500 industry-based templates and facilitates convenient web development.

WIX is a very trustworthy tool for website development as it is known to be trusted by 180 million users across the world. All the amazing features make WIX one of the best software tools to craft a website for yourself!


WordPress Content Management System

In simple words, WordPress is software. Now let’s look try to get a deep understanding of this software application.

WordPress is basically an open-source content management system.

The language used to write WordPress is the PHP along-with the MySQL database. There are ample advantages of using this software, which we will get to in a short while.

Wix Vs WordPress

Often the users are confused about the two applications & have no idea which one to select.

Whether to choose WordPress or Wix?

Well, you wouldn’t have had this confusion two years ago but in these 3 years, WIX has established itself and has been an emerging platform gaining popularity rather quickly.

This article would clear the air and would guide you in choosing either of the two applications.

Key Features Of Wix

Wix has its own range of awesome features

  • This website is a sort of all in one as it takes care of all your needs starting from scratch and all the further requirements like web management!
  • The most important and the feature which seemingly stands out is that a person does not necessarily need to learn to code for using WIX. Any layman with no prior knowledge of coding can successfully use the website due to its user-friendliness.
  • When you download the tool, you’re offered a range of plans to choose from. The costs vary from a free version to an $18 version. The price differs with varying features as the expensive one has further advanced features whereas the free one has comparatively primitive features.
  • You get 24×7 support from the customer care department and this makes it more user-friendly and easy to use the software.
  • Any layman can build a website using WIX, all that is needed is basic computer knowledge.
  • WIX can assist you in developing an e-commerce website as well! If you’re looking up to establish an online store of your own then you can do that along with WIX.
  • WIX can also help you create a blogging website by yourself. Using WIX you can conveniently upload all your blogs and manage your blogging websites without any problems.

Pros Of Wix

  • A major plus point of WIX is that a person does not need to exit the WIX platform for any of the website tasks. Everything happens on the same platform and this makes it easier to use.
  • You need not have technical assistance and knowledge of writing codes in different languages.
  • On Wix software, it is much easier to host an e-commerce domain and host a website for online retail when compared to WordPress.
  • It has a special feature called the drag and drops site-building but there is no such thing in WordPress.
  • The web development process is much quicker and hassle-free in WIX in comparison to WordPress.

Key Features Of WordPress

WordPress comes along with tons of exciting and useful features.

  • The content management capabilities of the software are unbelievable and it provides all the necessary features for website owners and developers.
  • You have a wide range of themes, fonts, and colors to make your website extremely attractive and pleasing to the eyes.
  • You have numerous plugin options and excitingly most of the plugin features available on WordPress have no costs attached.
  • WordPress cannot be effortlessly used by any layman. You need some prior web development knowledge for using WordPress.
  • Although the software is free to download open-source software. You need to invest your money in buying a web domain and then for hosting the website.

Pros Of WordPress

  • It’s open-source software and hence is free to use by all.
  • The number of themes, backgrounds, and plugins available is much more than WIX. So if you’re looking to develop an attractive and catchy website WordPress should be your first choice.
  • It is easier to find more attractive designs and colors on WordPress in comparison to WIX.
  • The frequency of updates is much higher in WordPress and hence the community we find on WordPress is a much active and a social one.
  • Content management skills are more efficient than WIX.

Difference Between Wix And WordPress

  • The biggest difference between the two is that WordPress by itself is a software that you can download on your PC or laptop from a web server. Whereas, WIX is a tool or a service that you sign up for. WIX takes care of all your needs as it facilitates web hosting, management of your website, and also assists you in the development of the website, and all your other technical needs.
  • Another important difference is that any person who has absolutely no knowledge about coding, web development, web management, and web hosting can easily operate WIX whereas in the case of WordPress you need to have some knowledge of how to host & configure your website. Though coding is not mandatory, there is no harm in having some prior coding knowledge when you develop a website in WordPress.


As we have seen both WIX and WordPress have their own pros and cons.

Finally, it is difficult to say who actually wins?

It depends from person to person as both WIX & WordPress can be advantageous to some and disadvantageous to some.

If you’re a tech-savvy person we would recommend you to go for WordPress as it has more themes and a vivid variety of options but if you lack prior knowledge of coding then you should probably choose WIX to start with as you need not be technically sound to use WIX.

Rest assured the decision is finally yours but both the applications are amazing for making a website or blog.

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